Saturday, April 26, 2014

Front desk notes

Our library front desk is peopled by two workers. Today, one of these teams cleverly left notes on the computer desktop for the next shift. I think I am three shifts later from these notes, but there they are. I really do like the idea and so am providing my own desk notes, little helpful hints for the seven to nine shift that follows us. But I thought you might find them of interest too.

Notes from the five O'clock crew.

Good evening seven o'clock crew!

It is likely a man with a ponytail will be by to ask if he is being followed. Don't concernedly ask about it. Just say "No, but I will keep a careful eye out."  Expect eleven or twelve visits in your two hour shift.

Trending upward:

Patrons checking out DVDs and telling us how they feel about each actor in the movie.
Patrons who couldn't figure out how to return their books and so want to give them to you.
Patrons who you think should be on disabled status but you can't bring yourself to do it because you think they'd be horrified if they found out.

Trending downward:

Patrons who have proper ID for a new card.
Available rental copies of the new Hobbit movie.

For some reason a staff member keeps coming out and straightening the "Form Line Here" sign. Watch for patrons jostling it.

There are three books on American Presidents under the desk that a teen couple swears they are coming back for. I am so convinced they are not coming back that I will give you five dollars if they do. Nevertheless I am not so convinced that they are not coming back that I am willing to break my promise and check the books in.

And that is all from the five o'clock crew. I will check in on you periodically from seven to nine as taking care of the check in machine gets a little lonely sometimes.

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