Saturday, April 19, 2014

Repeats repeat

I believe the saying is "You can't step in the same river twice." But you and I know that for all its iconic wisdom there's a bit of splitting hairs in that quote. And you certainly can't split the same hair twice, because then you're quartering it. What's a person supposed to do with a quarter of a hair? My point is that, sure, you can't step in the same river twice, but unless you have the expanding, massive consciousness of a god, it's going to seem a lot like the same river.

And so writing a blog post about the very same exact thing I wrote a blog post about two days ago should turn out to be futile, repetitive, and boring.

And yet this post is already so wildly different than the post I wrote two days ago that I can't help thinking that maybe one doesn't have to have the expanding massive consciousness of a god after all. Maybe with something as lovely and complicated as a river it takes very little to re-engage with it and have everything go completely differently.

To tell you the truth this is more how I hoped it would be. I was thinking a little while ago about how sometimes I'll have a very nice idea for a blog post, and how when I remember that I already wrote that very idea it sort of puts the kibosh on my new ambition. But you never set foot in the same river twice, or, fine, it's the same damn river, but sometimes you set foot in and a bunch of fish dart away from your foot in panic, and sometimes you set foot and there is a crash of distant thunder, and sometimes you set foot in and you realize there is an owl in that tree, just sitting there.

Well, this isn't a river, but I'm hoping you take my point, even if it's for the second time...

And counting.

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