Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rome two

In my story of falling for Rome I told of a thrilling introduction to the city in a long ago art history class that set the stage without lifting the curtain. I knew that much of my favorite art and architecture was in Rome, but I curiously didn't make any real connection between that and the city. Many years ago my wife and I gave up on all our failed plans to travel to Europe and decided the way for us to go was as quickly and cheaply as we could. So we set aside four days and found a low cost airfare. The cheapest one by far that we could find happened to be to Rome.

It was all an accident.

Everything we love is an accident that was written in the stars.

Wait, go spray paint that under a bridge. Put it on a plaque at the entrance to the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. Or forget it forever. 

This little essay was supposed to be much longer, and I had other things to say, but fuck it:

Everything we love is an accident that was written in the stars.


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