Sunday, March 24, 2013

Live! blogging at the Library!

Since my blog has started I have mainly been at home posting historical and reflective pieces, but now I am attempting to live blog! I think my 4 followers are probably getting pretty excited now! It is Sunday and I can see 50 people from where I am sitting at the front desk. They will be interrupting me frequently to help them. I kind of like helping them, but it means that this up to the minute live blog is being written 3 words at a time and is taking ages to write already. Plus "live blogging" is kind of a misnomer as I'm really just typing this into my staff email account for transfer later. This is partly because my email account is much less inconspicuous to be working on in public and also because I am the sort of person who pours over everything so that my blog retains an exquisite high buff polish. And now live blogging commences, the times are mainly fictional, but look authentic:

12:17: Accepting 5 large bags full of donations. The bags largely consist of books weeded from our collection that have been sold and are now being given back to us. In addition to our old unwanted books there is a smattering of books written in what I believe to be Korean.

12:19: While accepting donations I listen to my co worker to my right enthusiastically tell a patron about how she can help her find some books on herbal medicine. She then commenced to give a long, florid description of how to go to the reference desk where the people there will tell her where to find said books. I timed how long it would take to find the Dewey number on Herbal medicine and thus an easy way for the patron to immediately be able to browse through what looks to be dozens of appropriate books that are on the shelf. 11 seconds. It takes 11 seconds to look it up, 192 seconds less than it took her to redirect the patron, but she was super friendly and positive while she did it.

12:37: Patron asked for change for a dollar. I asked 'just quarters, or do you need dimes and nickles?" patron responded "I need it for the printer."

12:42: Patron with bags of books now wants a tax receipt. I have to count all the items to put that on the receipt. I confess I did a bit of guessing. I secretly wished I could put estimated value of books on receipt: $0.85.

1:07: Patron told me it was his first time here. I said I've been here lots and lots of times. Oh how we laughed!

1:11: Experiencing a quiet lull, using it to scan public out by DVD section to make sure everyone is very happy.

1:20: Directed patron to bathroom. Patron walked the other direction and looked at our talking book collection, but now she knows.

That's all for today folks. Tune in later for more excitement.

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