Monday, June 10, 2013

Blogging from Librarypalooza: The teen reading program kickoff!

Today I am live blogging (meaning actually delayed blogging) from Librarypalooza, the teen reading program kickoff, where the library has reopened in the evening to host a concert of two high school bands and one official semi-famous local band (they have t-shirts). What follows are my notes written as it happened:

First band is a seven piece jazz instrumental band called The Flappin' Jacks. Mostly horns.

Song Highlights:

Sweet Caroline. I did not know 15 year olds were familiar with this, but as soon as the band mentioned this song several teens went "bop bop bop".

Yesterday. One of the very young cable TV people, possibly a teen intern, (yes, event is going out live on local cable!) immediately perked up with this song and danced around to it while continuing to film in his Beatles t-shirt.

Rock Around the Clock. Described by the bandleader as a kind of an older classic, it caused 2 seniors (no, not high school) to get up and theatrically swing dance with each other on the open dance floor. The strange, but distinct "Lawrence Welk" vibe hits its peak at this moment.

Later compositions open up and I oscillate between being tortured and charmed. I am just one person though, whereas the audience is very enthusiastic. An "Improv in F" is next... They're jazz musicians, they are 16 years old, six horns, drums, a guitar. I will speak now no word against them.

After the first band a small drawing was held for the choice of a prize from the 3D printer. The winner was a 35 year old regular patron. As the teen librarian says, a former teen.

I will go stand with the teen librarians now.

Went over. Talked with one for a bit about the band auditions until he left. Realized I was now standing alone. Tried not to take it personally.

Still trying...

New band. Folk. According to previous conversation they are supposed to be able to sing in tune and play in 4/4 time which clinched the audition for them. I can do neither of these things so I should be impressed.

My co-worker at the circ desk deftly gave a dog sticker to a little girl who I think was just starting to boil. Co-worker wins coveted gold star award for the night. I will now aim for bronze.

Summer Ghosts, a boy/girl duo, are in tune. They play highly synchronized guitars. Had to check out a book on Jack the Ripper for a patron. It was the first time in decades of library work that me and the patron had to interrupt our interaction to applaud.

Young woman in Summer Ghosts has a really good voice. No, I mean really good.

I heard the sound person they hired for this came cheap. I have a theory why he is cheap. It is because he plays the worst in between band music I have ever heard. Currently is a bland cover of Across the Universe that even the Beatles t-shirt cameraman does not seem to be enjoying, and this is as good as it's gotten.

Summer Ghosts are adding a drummer and bass and plugging in a la Dylan '65. I am tempted to yell "Traitors!"

Interesting and really good drummer, vocals and guitars sadly buried in the mix. They are now fixing the sound levels at the instigation of the band. Good for them! Well done!


Lots of scattered, all ages except teens dancing.

Last band is The Bad Bad Hats, a local band, not a High School band so needing no kid gloves. One wrong move and all my withering criticism will...

Oh, they're very good, quite good regardless of what the 4 year old who walked by holding his ears thinks. Four year olds don't know everything! Some of them just don't like loud noise! Actually The Bad Bad Hats are great.  I'll put a link. It's their free ep, but you can just hit their play button. Here.

Okay, got to clean up and get home. Thanks for coming. I'll be here blogging, like, every single day cause I've been seized by some strange, internal vision. Come again over and over forever to see it all play out!


  1. Me like Bad Bad Hats! They must be like the Andy Rooney/Judy Garland of their generation. Crazy spunky kids!

  2. I vote for the flappin jacks! I have a sideways knowledge of them. If that actually means anything.

  3. I like the Bad Bad Hats! Thanks for sharing! -EF


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