Friday, October 11, 2013

Nobel Prize

Well, another Nobel Prize for Literature has come and gone again and I didn't get it. And before you ask, no, I am not bitter. Those fuddy duddys in Sweden were never going to pick an obscure library clerk blogger, even if he's a way better writer than Alice Munro. Which, I am not saying I am, because I am sure Alice Munro is a very fine writer and I look forward to reading more tiny pieces of her books while shelving in the fiction section. I'm just happy for the Canadians. Their only other Literature prize winner is Saul Bellow, who moved to Chicago when he was nine, presumably because he hated Canadians. I think the Nobel Committee was looking to redress this old wound and repair their Canadian relations. It's all politics really, mostly so the Swedes can put maple syrup on their pancakes like the rest of us, instead of lingonberries, which is why I'm fine with this Alice Munro choice. I'm above all this stuff and don't need their 1.2 million dollars anyway, which I would only squander on helping people, poor, disadvantaged and oppressed people. I didn't get the peace prize this year either, but I have this theory they're saving up for a trifecta. Come 2014 look for me to sweep the Literature, Peace, and Physics prizes. You heard it here first.


  1. Bah!, I can't wait for your trifecta! Those dumb cheese fed Swedes and their hermetic gene pool probably think you are a threat to the brilliant "culture" of the northern Baltic. I say boycott meatballs and gummy fish!!!

    1. Ha! Thank you, but I have now stumbled on this in summer 2015 and I STILL haven't gotten any Nobel Prizes! More like Ignoble Prize!

      Well, so yes, on with the boycott. And furthermore the stupid Swedes will have to make due with inferior Canadian maple syrup now. None of the quality Minnesota stuff for them!


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