Sunday, December 22, 2013

What is

Up, just under the title of my blog, is a description of my blog, for all comers to see. It says:

Just about anyone can Cook or Write or Read or whatever people do that they blog about, but can anyone Clerk? Um, apparently. I think that's why it doesn't pay much and the quality varies. But can anyone blog about Clerking? Would they want to? I don't know. I'll try. I'm a clerk at Large Suburban Library that I dare not name, and this, this is my blog!

I am satisfied with that description, or was. Perhaps it is the touch of speculation, "Can anyone blog about Clerking?" a question for myself when I wrote it hundreds of posts ago, but not such a mystery anymore, that causes me lately to think of making a change to this introductory description. I had an idea for something a month ago. It was more minimal, so minimal perhaps as to vanish into thin air, since I cannot find it. But, liking a reductionist approach, I have come up with a structural motif I am interested in and have been fiddling with. Here, in this format, are some of the current possible choices I have been working with:

Somewhere between Enlightenment and burning things with a magnifying glass stands

Somewhere between quietly mastering my job and trying to get away with not doing it at all stands

Somewhere between your dear friend regaling you with fascinating stories around a campfire and a guy mumbling to himself in a parking lot stands

Somewhere between taking the One Ring all the way to the Cracks of Doom, and giving up, putting it on, and finding it doesn't do anything stands

I'll keep working at it...

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