Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alternative facts

At the moment America is up in arms, in our Attention Deficit Disorder way, about the most recent Trumpian lies being called "Alternative facts" by the loathesome Trump administration and their hideous lackeys. Even CNN broadcast a scrawl at some point that read, "Alternative facts are lies."

Certainly the Trump administration's claims concerning the numbers attending the inauguration were lies, but I contend these weren't alternative facts. It was a lie itself that these were alternative facts. If I were to say that I am the tallest person on Earth, and, when told that I am not actually very tall, despite my giraffe hat, I claimed that my statement was a toothpick holder, it would not make toothpick holders into lies. Leave the poor toothpick holder out of it! Stop mocking alternative facts! Do you know what alternative facts are?

Alternative facts are art. As I remember it this President has been trying to poach the meaning of "art" since the eighties.  But lies are just lies, and by nature and soul they are ugly. 

The opposite of a lie is not a fact, the opposite of a lie is art.

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