Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ice cubes

Ice cubes are one of the handiest items a person can keep in their freezer. Since the invention of...

Hey! Wait! Where are you going? I have a lot of interesting things to say about ice cubes.

You know, you shouldn't dismiss something until you try it. Maybe if you tried learning a little about the history of the ice cube you would enjoy a cocktail more and would look forward to a nice blog post about ice cubes and their various shapes and qualities.

I do not talk about ice cubes here, like, all the time! This is practically my first blog post ever about ice cubes!

Fine, but it's the first one since "Our friend, the ice cube" from January 11. But that one only touched briefly on the ice cube, and even so was super popular. Someone even commented: "Interesting stuff. Like your font. Check out my website toasterovenreviews!"

Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree about whether or not that was spam. I thought the comment concerning my font was awfully specific for it to be a mere generic spam comment. And either way, what about the comment a person wrote to my January 5 blog post "Say hello to the useful and friendly ice cube!" They commented:

"Keep the blog posts coming about ice cubes. I'm loving them!"


I don't know what you're implying when you say "that comment was posted just in the last five minutes."

There are such things as coincidence, you know. And even if I did write that comment, someone has to, to represent all the unsaid feelings of positivity people have towards the things I say about ice cubes!

Well fine, but now we're out of time and we didn't even get to the start of what I wanted to say about ice cubes.

No, no hard feelings.

Cold drink?

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