Sunday, July 2, 2017

200 Views of Rome: La prosciutteria Trevi


4 Stars

This was the best prosciutteria we went to in Rome. But maybe that's not saying much since there aren't a lot of them, even if their numbers seem to be growing. How about this: it was the best meat and cheese platter we had in Rome. That's a bit better. We had quite a few meat and cheese platters until we realized we weren't wild about them. This one was the best. One or two of the salamis were exceptionally good. I don't know why I said "one or two". It was one.

But despite all this "they're number one!" adulation, I was never fully convinced. I love salami. I can love prosciutto. There might be better versions somewhere than here. They might not go best on platters piled up with it, but it was good. I mean, look, I gave four stars. So sure, find the narrow street near the Trevi Fountain, just barely off from where all the crowds tend to mash together more than anywhere else in Rome. Here's the little 8 foot wide prosciutteria. Good luck finding a table. We found one. It was just big enough to seat two squirrels sharing an acorn. We counted ourselves lucky. We tried to be squirrels. Mash on up to the counter. You have to order at the counter because something about what kind of business they are. It may have changed by now. They suggested it might. They were pretty nice at the counter. Oops, I'm in someones way. Coming through. Everyone is in everyones way. Be like the squirrel. Get small. Sit here on this spool of thread. I can sit on a spool of thread. This is good salami. Isn't this good salami? Mmmmm. Yes. Yum. Excuse me, sorry about my knee. Is all the good salami gone. Yes. This one is pretty good too. It's okay. Sorry, excuse me. Should we go? Yes, let's get going. This is pretty tasty. Yes it is, let's never come here again.

And so, in the end, you ask "Should I go here?"

Yes, absolutely. No.

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