Thursday, July 20, 2017

The secret

Joking on the square means making a joke about something, but also meaning it.

One of the great themes of this blog is my joking on the square insistence that this is a profoundly great blog, aye, an immortal collection of essays, and that I am one of the finest, most important writers of my era. It's just that nobody has much noticed.

I will explain my joking on the square with a secret.

Here is the secret:

Sometimes, late at night I write you, and my heart is so light I think it could fly away. But sometimes, maybe that same night, I wake up at five in the morning, and I lie there, unable to sleep for an hour and a half, doing nothing but feeling the pain of not being a genius. 


  1. You've heard, I'm sure, that two people can never meet. If they move toward each other. As they step toward each other, halving the distance between them, they get closer and closer, mathematically unable to close the gap. But they CAN get close enough for all practical purposes.

    That, sir, is a metaphor for you and genius.

    1. That is one seriously advanced metaphor!

      Thank you.

  2. You are a genius. No doubt about it.
    Except maybe for that post about everyone who does not follow Clerk Manifesto religiously is a coward.
    ....And your utterly bizarre notion that Bob Dylan has a fine singing voice. Everything else is ingenious! <3

    1. Well, even if I were all in my oats, and each of my oats was chock full of hubris, I no doubt would grant that perhaps not every post would be an indication of genius. And I could probably, in that context, bear that maybe the various posts where I talk about how much I hate whoever is not reading what I'm writing might not, possibly, be an indication of my highest self. I mean, theoretically.

      As to the Bob Dylan I can only say that "bizarre" seems a strong characterization for a view shared by dozens of people all across Sweden!

    2. I've since given the last example more thought and had an epiphany!
      Your a genius because you've created something entirely new. "Bob Dylan has a good singing voice" is sort of a Dadaist kohen.

    3. I see you are not to be swayed on this and so shan't belabor it. My question here concerns your emoji: Is it a shocked or surprised person with a beauty mark?


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