Wednesday, July 12, 2017


A group of canned vegetables were sitting on a shelf and one of them was twisting around and checking himself out.

"Hey!" He cried proudly. "I'm one hundred percent corn, nothing else!"

Some fancy new can of Brussels sprouts swiveled to look at him. "But who cares? You're just corn." He said witheringly.

"Well I'm not corn. I'm heirloom asparagus." Bragged another can.

"Big deal! It's not like you're organic. I'm organic peas." Said some peas.

"Yuck. Peas! I..."

"Hey, hey, hey!" Interrupted a can of artichoke hearts. "Must we define ourselves by all these labels? Can't we just all be vegetables?"

All the cans stopped, and reflected, and they all saw how wise the artichoke hearts were. So they never moved, or spoke, or did anything for themselves ever again.


  1. ...and one by one, can by can, i devoured them because i am animal and not even the gods will blame me for my nature. ?
    Wait. Are these canned veggies some sort of metaphor?

    1. I don't thinks so... That would be for you to say according to your... taste.


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