Tuesday, July 25, 2017

America as it may be

The library and America as we dream it is:

I pull into the library parking lot to start my work day. In the back of the lot is a large mobile home, and I think "How nice, they're visiting our library to stock up on materials for their big trip!"

The library and America as it is:

I leave work for the day and see the mobile home is still in the exact same place in the back of our parking lot. And I think "We are their big trip."


  1. And it may be that the mobile home IS home, and they are glad not to be ousted from the parking lot. I was up there today and didn't notice it. They've moved on?

    1. Maybe, but yes, moved on. The blog is currently running about 6 days ahead of time, so this would have been early last week.


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