Monday, July 17, 2017

New for you!

I am delighted to present two new side features to the wonderland you know as Clerkmanifesto!

I know that sounds like the set up to the kind of satire I regularly employ here, but, no, really. This is genuine. You must believe me. Not one, but two new amazing side features. Really.

I bet you're wondering how you can sign up for them!

You aren't?

No, it's not a joke.

I swear.

Yep. Two new features, blogs actually.

They are:

The Clerkmanifesto B Blog


The Best of Clerkmanifesto Blog.

Besides their above names being links to them, the side board of this blog also now contains links to them.

Now I will answer your many questions that you never ask me so I make them up myself but I'm not bitter.

How will this affect Clerkmanifesto?

This will not in any way affect Clerkmanifesto, and the daily blogging will carry on, exactly as is, into the sunset, or to the end of time, wherever in the far distance they may be.

What are these new blogs?

They are two blogs related to clerkmanifesto. Both to be posted on a more random and infrequent basis than clerkmanifesto, but filling in some spaces that clerkmanifesto doesn't cover.

Should I keep asking questions? I feel finished.

No. Sorry. You have to ask some more questions and be very interested.

I'm really excited about these two new blogs! Tell me about the B blog.

The B blog is for odd things that don't fit in the careful, distilled, artistic perfection of clerkmanifesto. It's where I might go on at length about my dear Barcelona Soccer team, and Messi, or put in links to things I like, or take a picture of something, or rant without a calming wisdom, or swear extra, or even publish off kilter things from the history of the main blog. It's all less careful, wilder, and less concerned with getting things just right. You can read more about what it is here, on the blog itself. There you can also sign up for email delivery if it sounds like your cup of tea.

Done! I love it. I'm signed up to get the emails. Now tell me about the Best of Clerkmanifesto blog. 

This is simpler. It is pieces that I will occasionally post from the increasingly deep history of Clerkmanifesto that I particularly liked. So as it says, the best of clerkmanifesto, in so far as I find it to be the best. But, of course, I may not be the best judge of all that. You can find it linked here, or at anytime on the sidebar of this blog, and if you hit the link you will see more detailed information.

So it sounds like a more unhinged and diverse and messy (pun intended) clerkmanifesto, and then also a more perfected and peaceful one. Who might these be suited for?

Um, people who simply can't get enough of clerkmanifesto. Or, maybe I suppose too, people who like clerkmanifesto but would like to get a bit less of it.

That second part made me feel sad. 

I am proud to have a reader like you.

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