Tuesday, November 7, 2017

More left like right

"Well, actually, you know, I'm a Republican!"

"Are you? You monster. You hypocritical vile monster! You have swathed yourself in ignorance and hypocrisy, and because you can't be bothered to spend five decent minutes to think things through you have cast your lot in with evil. You are a friend of injustice. You hate your children. You betray yourself, your family, love, and every hope for beauty in the world. You're a racist toadying fool who, even if merely rich and self-interested, is working to make your own life and world an uglier, more stupid one. There is nothing left. You are merely a cultist whose thinking is on a drip feed and as such can have nothing sensible to say.

"Oh! You think you know everything Sir? You think you're so perfect? Well let me tell you, you are not!"

"That's pathetic, a simple, political argument and you go and make it personal. My God, the lack of civility these days!"

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