Tuesday, November 21, 2017

No, of course that's not the real one

After decades of having a relatively unsecure, rarely changed password to log in to our library system, everything changed. There is now a new password. And only a select group of people are allowed to know it, as chosen by certain managers.

This is what I like to delicately and gently call "a stupid idea." But its not the agenda of this missive to address why restricting the access of people fully entrusted in the use of a key tool from being able to get access to that tool on their own is misguided. The agenda of this missive is merely to say:

So I went into my manager's office to get the password.

He said that I was absolutely positively the very last person that he was going to give this password to. He said this with some vehemence. And he said, with unusually grave seriousness, that I was most emphatically not to share this password with anyone. And he meant it.

He wrote the password for me on a post it note.

I made lots of jokes about how I would indeed not share this password but rather would ostentatiously lord it over those who did not have it. I also made jokes about how I would clear the library on the occasions that I had to log in, on any of our nine work computers, to our library circulation system.

I could instantly see in his eyes how unfunny he found these particular jokes, and the dawning of a regret that he had shared the password with me. 

But he had nothing to worry about.

Anyway, the password is 


Don't share it with anyone.

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