Sunday, November 12, 2017


It's a fairly social atmosphere where I work at the library. I don't suppose it has to be for me, but I feel better keeping in touch with as many people as possible in the building in case they have important secret library information that they might let slip out in casual conversation. Oh boy do I like important secret library information!

"Like what?" You inquire.

Well, I haven't heard any yet, but it's only been 23 years.

So it's important to keep up those relationships. And as far as I can tell one does that by asking polite questions one is not terribly interested in hearing the answers to. Like "So what did you do this weekend?"

"Uh huh. Really? Your car you say? In the wheel? But you were able to find the pebble? So that took the clicking away? No? Ah, a paper wrapper. Wow!"

It turns out one has to ask these sorts of questions so that people will ask you what you did on your weekend.

"Not much." I say. I mean, that's my business. I don't go around asking them what... Oh!

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