Saturday, June 16, 2018

Argentina V. Iceland

Technically speaking, as this is posted on the Internet, Argentina's first game of this World Cup will be underway. and by that same token so will wee Iceland's first World Cup game ever be underway. This latter is a mighty achievement. Iceland is, by population, the smallest nation ever to play a World Cup. Their pluck, determination, and fortitude are truly admirable. By every right I should be cheering them on and reveling in their every moment of against-all-odds skill and their tireless focus.

But they are playing Argentina.

And so 30 minutes into the game I hope that Argentina is winning 37 to nothing.

It's not personal.

I mean, it's not personal against Iceland. And I hope they don't feel bad.

And if things go the other way for underdog Iceland? Well, kudos to them! I will be taking to my bed for a few days. Please draw the curtains.

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