Sunday, January 27, 2019

The life of a library reader

When I start reading a book while I'm working at the library it has three pages to completely hook me. If it hasn't woven me in by three pages I put it down. I have work to do! There are items to shelve, patrons to help, machines to poke, cats to feed, and more books to try three pages of!

When I start reading a book while I'm at home it has 300 pages to hook me. If it hasn't hooked me after 300 pages I put it down, usually because it's over.

"Well, that wasn't very good." I say. And then "Oh, look, it's two in the morning."


  1. Cats to feed?

    I follow a rule of thumb I heard somewhere: Subtract your age from 100; the result is the number of pages I allow myself before I put a book aside.

    And by the way, who retired? I have a couple of guesses...

  2. So if we live long enough we can just glance at a book and if we don't like the look of it we can toss it aside. There's an argument for clean living.

    As to the second part, you have been briefed.


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