Saturday, March 9, 2019

The kinds of donations we receive

One of my colleagues came back from the front desk of the library with a box of donations. They were beautiful, careful stacks of utterly pristine and glossy paperbacks of a Juvenile Fiction series. The complete set was there, all in sequential order.

"Aren't they amazing!" My colleague excitedly exclaimed. "They're in absolutely perfect condition! Maybe we should get them to a children's librarian. They'll want to add them to the collection right away!" This co-worker headed back to the front desk while I looked over the magnificent volumes. I laughed. These were books from more than 20 years ago. Any interest in the series had now been dead for a full decade. Nevertheless I understood:

We see bright, shiny and new books so rarely in our library. It's easy to be bedazzled and lose all perspective.

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