Monday, June 3, 2019

How to shelve a cart of mysteries in 5 minutes flat!

You say it can't be done? "Impossible!" You exclaim?

You say it takes nearly 15 minutes at a concentrated clip to shelve a cart of mysteries?

You say that no one has ever, even shelving at full tilt as hard as they can, gotten it done in under the 11 minute mark?

Sure. I would have agreed with you, once, not long ago. I too would have scoffed at the possibility. But then something happened.

I shelved a cart of mysteries in five minutes flat!


And I'm here to tell you that you can too.

So here is:

How to Shelve a Cart of Mysteries in Five Minutes Flat

1. Get yourself a full cart of mysteries.

2. Make sure the books are all in order according to author's last name and title (this is officially legal according to the Guinness Record's Rules).

3. Comb the shelving area to clear it of mistakes and distractions. You'll never hit five minutes if you're fixing previous errors, cleaning garbage, and reshelving.

4. Make sure that, by coincidence, 90% of all the books on your cart are by Sue Grafton.

5. Shelve your heart out. No! Don't stop to peruse the collection! There's nothing to see here anyway! They're all just Sue Grafton books! Just shelve!

Done correctly it will clock out between 4:58 and 5:03.

How does this work?

No one knows. It's an imponderable mystery and magical feat that I share with you!

What do you get for this stunning, superhero like feat?

The average is about 17 dollars an hours.


  1. Impressive!

    What's the record for shelving a cart of random mixed Fay and Jonathan Kellerman books? And I think there is a third Kellerman in on the mystery writing, too. Let's make it a random cart of all three.

    1. Random mixed? Er, the record is seven minutes and 31 seconds. However, the record for shelving them accurately: two hours and 11 minutes.


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