Friday, September 13, 2019

An inappropriate joke I can't remember already

Yes, this isn't that funny. And, as a person occasionally dealing with issues like what's featured below, I only wish it went as simply as this:

A woman calls me at the library.

"I have some books I need to renew." She tells me.

I get into her library card account with her card number. "What would you like to renew?" I ask.

"Dignifying Dementia, Inside Alzheimer's, and Memory's Last Breath."

"Hmm." I respond, my fingers dancing amongst my keyboard, "Unfortunately it looks like I can't renew these. They've already been renewed."

"Oh, when was that?" She asked.

"When you called five minutes ago."


  1. someone who just spent much more time than I should have locating and printing readings for next week's classes, because I had trouble recalling the steps I needed to take...

    [I much prefer to have links in the syllabus...and perhaps I do but I've forgotten how to get to them...

    Would it have been possible to just fake it and say "OK, I've renewed them" without actually doing anything? From her view, if she gets a moment of clarity, she'll see that her books have been renewed, once.

    1. Well, sure, I hope that would be possible. There wouldn't have been any joke and maybe everyone would have been happier.


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