Saturday, October 5, 2019

Library danger

A few of my recent posts have suggested I'm quite helpful in my job at the library. And maybe I am. I mean, it's now all written on the Internet. If you can't believe stuff on the Internet what can you believe?

Nevertheless there are a lot of different ways of looking at things. Compared to most of my co-workers I am extremely helpful to the public, but every once in awhile I'll see one of my co-workers doing something for a patron and I'll almost be shocked. "Oh my god!" I'll think "I wouldn't do that for someone in a million years!" And we're not talking about things like loaning money, or cleaning someone's ears for them either. Today I saw that one of my colleagues had gone to the far back staff area, gotten our 20 pound paper cutter, brought it out, and was personally helping some patron lady to cut crap up into little pieces.

I don't really care how nice someone wants to be to any patron, go for it. What I worry about is precedence. And doing something like bringing out a giant, sword-like paper cutter for a patron is far far far too dangerous!

No, not because the patron could hurt themself, though I guess that's maybe a concern. But no, it's something far more dangerous than that. It's possibly the most dangerous thing that could happen to a person working out at the front desk of a public library:

They could make a friend.

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