Monday, December 9, 2019

One more time

For a variety of reasons, mostly a mix of illness, vacation, and paid holidays,  I have had a fair bit of time off from work over the last several weeks. During this time my wife and I spent a lot of that time on our couch pursuing our study of Romantic Comedies. We explored every possible one, for instance, that was available on Netflix. Those that were good enough we watched again. And those that were improved by a second viewing got watched a third time, which is just the point where one can see just how good the really good ones really are, which generally is good enough to watch two dozen times over the years if we pace ourselves properly.

One of the big themes I have come away with in this feverish spate of movie watching was:

"Life is to be lived."

I am pretty sure that exact line was spoken with considerable feeling in the fairly magnificent teen ensemble romantic comedy Let It Snow, but I'm not 100% sure having seen it only three or four times so far.

But I came across this sentiment, or viewpoints much like it, in many of the movies we watched. And though I may sound a bit ironic to you, or even, god forbid, sarcastic, that's probably just my history working against my simple, misty eyed, hopeful feelings here. Life is to be lived. This is a fantastic idea!

Nevertheless, now that I am back at work, six out of seven days of the next week, I am finding it something of a challenge to rise to this immaculate advice. While shelving, registering library cards, and not having my book recommendations taken with the proper gravity, all the movies' excellent wisdom grows dim. Appreciating the day becomes sometimes a struggle. Sometimes I forget a little what I've so recently learned.

But deep down I know that hope is not lost. In my heart I know that if I can just go home and cozy up on the couch with my wife again, if I can one more time watch a few of these charming movies, all will be well. 

I'll really get it this time. I promise.

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