Saturday, April 18, 2020

A pandemic vision

For all the places in the world the pandemic has so far gone softer on Minnesota, but we still don't know the long term on any of this. Different futures can be imagined. So I do. Someone has to.

I walk the streets of my town and sometimes they seem ghostly, desolate, in the throes of Apocalypse. 

And sometimes they seem almost completely normal.

With the exception that all the cars drive so fast.

The one thing all those Mad Max movies got spot on is how everyone drives after the fall of civilization! Desperately. Ferociously. In a big fucking hurry!

And I see it and I think "What is the hurry?"

There is no place good to go. Every good place to go has been shut down. There are no concerts. There are no parties to go to, or bars, or cafes. No one is on their way to a pleasurable shopping trip. The libraries are closed. You cannot go out to eat. Where can you go?

You can go to some crappy job if you cannot work at home I guess. That's what I do. But I take my time when I do it, barely speeding at all.

You can do some chores, I guess, going to pick up some sprockets or some pasta, if they have any.

You're not going to a friend's house. There is no baseball game to get to. You are not racing to the airport to catch your plane for your amazing safari trip to Botswana. There are no amazing safari trips to Botswana right now.

So what's the hurry?

There is nowhere to go. Slow down. Nowhere is open anyway.

I mean, except the hospitals.


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