Friday, July 17, 2020


Any gambler will tell you that the fates are mercurial. Except for the really good gamblers, who are mostly doing a lot of math in their heads instead. Oh, and the really bad gamblers, who are muttering "Any day now", although in the end that's really the same thing.

Oh man, we're all gamblers! 

Will it rain or won't it? Is it worth being nice? Should we try sneaking into Canada? Will these blueberries make me gassy?

The answer is yes.

But it's a gamble, all a gamble.

I like to try and read the tides of fate. For instance lately I have noticed, on my photography rambles, if I see something extraordinary, early on, but I don't have the time, set up, skill, or luck to get a shot of it, it is not, as I have once thought, a portent of a bad day's picture taking, but rather a portent of a good one. 

If the tides go far out, they must come far in.

Here is the picture of an American Goldfinch sitting on a Sunflower:

(Picture withheld because this amazing bird flew away before I even had my lens cap off)

And, sure, that's not the best picture I have taken, but by these laws of fate, by the tides, or by the roller coaster of fate, if you will, I knew that my day's picture taking was going to go very well indeed.

And it did! 

I have cracked the code!

I saw miraculous dewdrops, strange black birds, and a Robin that came so close to me that I started fumbling absurdly for my macro lens attachment presumably to try and get a self portrait reflected in his brown eyes. I encountered obscenely large and iridescent flowers, friendly cavorting bees, and a soft, glowing light suffusing all the lush gardens. I saw beetles and chipmunks and a tiny bunny. It rained flower petals. 

I rooted about happily, shooting pictures left and right. All on the fabulous roller coaster of fate!

Then I went home and all my pictures were pretty much blurry.

Just because you crack the code doesn't mean it will do you any good.

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