Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Hint about the new name


No sooner did I discuss the roadmap for clerkmanifesto 2.0 than

Oh, right, this, this is clerkmanifesto. These words here that you're reading now. It's like, a blog, I guess.

Hi. Welcome.

It's just a little thing I do. A cozy place on the Internet viewed by A HUNDRED BILLION PEOPLE A DAY!

Or so I'm told. 

Anyway, I'm so glad you came by. And that you're now all caught up.

So we were talking about how 

No, right, a hundred billion isn't possible. They might have said it was viewed by several dozen. Clerkmanifesto might be viewed by SEVERAL DOZEN PEOPLE A DAY. I can't recall exactly what they told me as it was a large number too great for me to fully comprehend. But thank you for pointing out the problems with my initial statement.

So we were talking about how

Well, yes, technically I, just I, was talking, but your were doing such a good job of listening that I felt you deserved some credit too. A lot of people don't understand that reading clerkmanifesto can sometimes be more difficult than writing it.

I'm glad you knew, and thanks for telling me.

So we were talking about how Clerkmanifesto (yes, this, here) is like a caterpillar. And I am in the process of building a newer, more different iteration of clerkmanifesto, as like unto a caterpillar evolving into a different caterpillar.

I don't understand. What do you mean "butterfly"?

Anyway I may have mentioned that this new iteration, this evolution of clerkmanifesto, this pipe dream, this flying? caterpillar, already has a new name! It was, as they say in the business "A teaser".

What business? Oh, um, as they say in the business of library work, I guess?

So I teased how clerkmanifesto 2.0 has a name and a HUNDRED BILLION PEOPLE WROTE IN TO SAY, OH, CAPS, sorry, a hundred billion people wrote in to say:

"What's this new name?"

And I said "I can't tell you yet."

And all one hundred billion people said "How about a really obscure hint as to what the name is?"

And I said "Okay, how about these two pictures then?"

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