Saturday, November 27, 2021

Pike Island

Pike Island is full of deer right now. The great stags will stare at you for a while, cautious, their curving antlers looking like pure magic, hard and smooth and lit by a low golden sun. Then they will go leaping off, their great bodies scarred and ruffled by a wild life, and also powerful and graceful. There are so many deer, and it's an island, so you will come close, and walk between them, and understand how big life makes them.

Life makes everything bigger.

The small herd of does are big too, and watchful, but for some reason, and in a way you will never have seen before, they don't run off. They step towards you ostentatiously, carefully, emphatically. They lift their hooves and stamp the ground.

And you will think:

"Maybe we'll just keep walking." 

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