Saturday, November 20, 2021

So I said... part 47


A co-worker was telling me about a patron interaction.

They said that a man came into the library and up to the front desk. This patron wasn't wearing a mask, which is required in our library, so my co-worker told him he had to wear one to be in our library due to county health policies. This co-worker gestured over to a box of disposable masks we have on the front desk as a helpful solution to the problem.

The man picked up one of the masks and said "How am I supposed to even wear this? I don't have an ear!" Then he showed my co-worker that he was indeed missing one ear."

So I said:

"You should have asked him if he had any paintings you could buy."


  1. And I thought I had it tough, wearing a mask AND hearing aids! [The mask loops tend t pull out the aids.]

    1. I have some that tie and stretch around the back of the head, but if a person wants to have fun with their missing ear I guess that's a way to do it.


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