Sunday, February 6, 2022

Olympic dreams come and go


As early as the Innsbruck, Austria Olympics (1976) I have had a dream. No, not the ones about being a great Olympic athlete. Though I may have had a few of those. I have had the simpler dream of being able to watch all the Olympics, unfiltered, complete, and at my fingertips.

You see, even back in 1976 I was frustrated with the obsessive Nationalism, the endless personal stories, and the glossing over of competitions I might like to see more of in favor of the more popular competitions that I, well, honestly, also wanted to see more of.

Have I mentioned that I am something of an Olympics fan? 

Over the years I have been able to watch more and more Olympics online, and though the technology has been there for awhile, this is the first Olympics where my dream has come true.

For a month's subscription of ten dollars to NBC's Streaming network, called Peacock, I am able to watch every single Winter Olympic event live, or, shortly upon completion, on replay. The interface is all a bit messy, but there it all is, the Olympics at my fingertips! If I want to watch right this second the Men's Preliminary Normal Hill Round in Ski Jumping that took place somewhere around dawn today, I can!

And I absolutley would like to watch the Men's Preliminary Normal Hill Round in Ski Jumping! But I'm working.

I may be able to sneak in a bit of it when I'm on the phones, and during lunchtime, but I'm working all day, and anyway when I do have spare time here I have to walk around the library pestering co-workers that still owe me money for the Olympic Betting Pool. I also have to write a blog post about the Olympics. When I finally get to go home I have to make dinner and eat it. I might need to go for a walk. I desperately will want to spend time with my wife, and I really do need to get to bed at a reasonable hour. 

But there may be a spare half hour in there to see some of that Ski Jumping. 

Maybe I'll even catch the whole thing!

Missing, alas, the other 372 events that are taking place right now, even as we speak. 

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