Tuesday, September 13, 2022

At the car factory


I have recently discussed here my interest in the Ford Plant Development, which is a former major car factory that is now part of one of the largest city developments in our metropolitan history. Enough of it is completed that one can explore large parts of it. And so I have.

The main feature that fascinates me is the waterway that has been carved through the whole length of the area. Towards the main city side it is very finished, and almost a kind of lake, surrounded everywhere by metal and concrete. Further down, where these few pictures are from, our creek is carved into the landscape, exposing a bedrock channel into which the whole creek is set. All the bare stone is entirely unusual (unnatural) for the region, making it a kind of fabrication of nature. But the stone was there, all along, and as the creek leaves the development it goes over a (now slightly altered?) falls, "Hidden Falls", that has always been around and is part of the native and unique bluffs of the area. From the falls there, the creek runs in its old, natural way through a small bit of old city (and National) park, and into the Mississippi River.

My pictures of these areas are hardly comprehensive, even were I to be pulling from the many photos I have on my "real" camera. With my computer still at the shop, I have no access to most of my pictures of this development, but I'm not sure how much they would add to this account anyway, since most of them may well be of geese anyway (I'm very distractable!).

So these pictures are all from my phone, and layered up with the funky filters I like. They're a bit crude, but that perhaps suits the nature of pictures of an old, long buried creek, now revealed, fabricated, tamed, and sent into a channel that was hammered into the local rock.

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