Thursday, October 20, 2022



No, wait, not this picture.

This one:

When I first started to really learn about art, it was all about symmetry

Maybe that's how all the artists felt in the Renaissance too. Symmetry. Like it was a cheat code. If one drew something, and then made it the same on the other side, balanced, amazing things seemed to happen.

I'm not saying I was great at this symmetry thing, but it was always a guiding, and reassuring principle. It always seemed to make things work somehow, stand up and be ART. I was soon onto other things of course, maybe just like those Renaissance painters. They figured out perspective, and that was an even fancier cheat code, but it was tricky and they still kept their symmetry underneath. Symmetry is just so simple and reassuring.

I mean, it's right there on our faces and in our bodies! 

So when I found an app that allowed me to mirror my photographs, make them symmetrical, I was keenly interested. 

I tried it and...

Talk about cheat codes!

It makes me feel like I can go out in the woods and shoot pictures virtually at random and my mirror will make them amazing.

Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn't, but I feel like it does.

Of course, like all those Renaissance people I was off fiddling around with other things almost right away. Cheat codes are a bit addictive it turns out- once you find the power of one a person can't help wondering about what others there might be.

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