Sunday, February 12, 2023

My day at the malls


Oh, I went to a lot of malls today!

And though clerkmanifesto tends to present what seems to be a short, coherent take on the world around us, only to turn strange and confusing along the (short) way, before resolving into a spiritually wise, open ended take on the issue at hand, or sometimes a silly joke, or, occasionally, If I'm lucky, both, I was at so many malls today that I couldn't keep up with all that.

So I instead took crazy pictures of all these malls, with their faux grand facades and whirlwinds of mise on scene, all at a furious pace. Near the end my camera started hissing and glitching.

But before I show you all these wild pictures, I did have one mall joke that I made to my lovely wife two times- the first time messily, the second time a bit more neatly, which, gloriously, by some tiny miracle, won a small laugh.

Here it is:

What would I choose if I'm going to have to make the tough choice of whether to go to Eileen Fisher first, or J. Jill?

Eileen Fisher.

Here is a roll of pictures roughly along the lines of that joke:

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