Sunday, March 26, 2023



Many months ago a new adaptation of Persuasion came out on Netflix. But even as we are ardent Jane Austen fans in my house, and passionate devotees of the Romantic Comedy, we failed to watch it.

 Oh, it was many times proposed to us. But we had heard of its lack of success, its ill breeding, and the lowly consideration it was held in by the critical community. So even though it seemed a perfect movie for us, we passed it by.

But somewhere inside of us, as we watched cooking competition shows and old sitcoms, wondering at yet another disappearance of the Romantic Comedy genre from the filmic landscape, we wondered if, perhaps we made a mistake. A terrible mistake. Perhaps we had forgotten that the views of the critical community were often darkly out of step with our own. Perhaps we had been persuaded out of what was right and beautiful for us.


But, over time, and by strange chance another opportunity came for us. After all this passage of life maybe we should and could watch this Persuasion

And so we did.

It is the best Austen adaptation since The Jane Austen Book Club. Or possibly even Bridget Jones Diary. Or maybe even Clueless. Or

dare I say it


since the Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice!!!

Thank god for second chances.

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