Thursday, April 6, 2023

Classing the place up


I answer the phone:

"Good aft... good evening, Lilydale Library! This is Feldenstein."

"Hello Feldenstein. I just have a question about your hours."

It must be some kind of question for this person to have decided not to choose Option one: "For hours and directions", and instead to have chosen Option two: "To speak to a sometimes cranky, sometimes helpful actual person".  

I am the actual person and I say "I would love to help you with your question regarding our hours."

So the caller asks "What time are you open until tonight."

I reply "We are open until 8:00." Thinking that this might not turn out to be a super challenging call after all.

"Thank you." The caller says, but then they have one more point they want to be sure about. "And is this the Lilydale Library?"

"It absolutely certainly is." I answer.

But they don't understand my dandified language. "I'm sorry, is this the Lilydale Library?" They ask again.

"Most assuredly!" I answer brightly and clearly.

"I didn't get that? Is this the Lilydale Library?" They ask a third time.


"Thank you."

We hang up.

They probably spend more time with our DVD collection than with our literature collection.

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