Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Let the mountain come to you


It was an unpleasantly hot Labor Day morning and I was waiting for blog inspiration to come to me so I could write today's column.

It didn't come.

That's odd. Maybe I was supposed to make a picture then?

I decided I would make a picture of alien spaceships in a John Constable painting. So I opened up photoshop and then opened my folder of John Constable paintings. There was an interesting Van Gogh drawing in there that wouldn't work at all!

So I opened it up.

Why did I open this up? But there was no one to answer. So I put an alien spaceship in it but it just came out like a weird, giant pointing thing in the sky.

"That's neat." I said.

Then I put in a flying saucer.

Then I put in two cats. Then I got rid of a cat.

I put in a skyscraper, no, a tower, no, two towers. I got rid of the pointing thing. I added two flying saucers. I got rid of all the flying saucers.

I ask you: Is it respectful to stage an alien visitation in a Van Gogh drawing.

No, but that ship has already sailed, and the aliens I tried adding looked really bad anyway. I added a ship to represent the sailed ship. 


I took it out. 

I reflected:

Once I watched a Picasso film where he painted a picture and at any moment he could have stopped but he just kept going and painting over things and just completely changing everything over and over.

It was then that I decided to put a hole in my Van Gogh picture.

And I was done:

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