Monday, October 9, 2023

Fox and Skunk and the lonely streets of Colmar


Yesterday, on the way to Riquewihr, we mentioned the nearby town of Colmar, France, which is also picturesque. By pure coincidental fortune, we found three pictures of Fox and Skunk on Google street view, as they passed through that town. And maybe when you look at these pictures you will wonder where everyone else is.

Which simultaneously brings us to an explanation of how a loner like Fox came to spend so much time with Skunk.

You see, around Skunk, one tends to find a lot of space. And that space doesn't really have anyone in it. People and creatures, out of a surfeit of caution, give Skunk a wide berth, a very wide berth.

 For certain types, that kind of space can be soothing.

Fox is exactly of that type.

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