Sunday, October 8, 2023

Fox and Skunk visit the enchanting village of Riquewihr, France


Today I'd like to tell you a little story about when Fox and Skunk went to the beautiful village of Riquewihr, which is in the eastern part of France, not very far from Colmar. But I'm sick! So I can't tell you very much about anything simply because I am too tired.

Riquewihr sounds like it is too hard to say to be a real town, but there it is on the map! And it's just the sort of town Fox and Skunk would like to visit. So they did. I can't tell you the story of how it all happened, but I can say that while they were there they found some crates with pineapples in them, which Skunk ate a lot of! And they found some turtles at a fountain, who were very interesting, but were made all out of bronze! So no one ate them.

Fox and Skunk visited the canals of Riquewihr, which don't exist in the real world village of Riquewihr. But they did exist in the fantasy world of Riquewihr, which is the only one that Fox and Skunk can visit anyway. It's the one with extra flowers, in case you ever wonder which one you're at, if you ever go there.

Fox was sure Fox saw a fish in the Riquewihr canals. Fox loves fishes. But Fox didn't catch the fish.

Fox ate a little of the pineapple too, even though it burned in Fox's mouth!

The Turtle Fountain:

The Canals:

Where they found the pineapples:

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