Wednesday, November 8, 2023

My CSA recipe


Yes, this is a recipe, believe it or not.

Recently in this space I introduced you to my CSA, a subscription to a farm for a bi-weekly box of Winter produce. I suggested that instead of cooking all these virtuous vegetables, I instead went out for oysters with my darling wife, and when the resources for doing that were used up I resorted to chewing on an old husk of parmesan cheese rather than cook all that produce.

But ultimately I did cook my produce. 

You see, I worked out a trick!

Fresh vegetables are so profoundly healthy that one is free to do anything to them to make them delicious, and no matter how unhealthy the cooking methods might be, one's nutritional lead, so to speak, is so great, that one cannot possibly lose in the preparation of so many fresh Winter vegetables, kind of like the hare in a race with the tortoise.

Anyway, here is how I cooked the food from my CSA box.

A refresher or partial ingredient list:

I had potatoes, red kale, broccoli, and a cabbage.

I reserved the cabbage for another time because my wrist hurt too much to cut up a cabbage the size of a prize winning pumpkin.

I diced the potato.

I cut up the broccoli into pieces.

I tore the red kale laboriously into bits.

Then, in a saucepan, I melted several pounds of butter, added plenty of salt and pepper and some mashed cloves of garlic, apple cider vinegar, cherry tomatoes, and an alarming amount of maple syrup because it is so good on pancakes. Then I threw in all the veggies. I cooked it for awhile. I added a can of tomatoes and a can of beans. Then I cooked it all for a long time.

How does this sound?

No, I didn't know either, but...

It turned out it was delicious! So delicious that I am sharing my recipe!

It was...


sweet. And buttery.

I've already practically eaten it all!

So I hope this method works with cabbage.


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