Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Front desk


I came out here at the library to work an hour evening shift at the front desk.

The first person who came to me at the front desk wanted to check out a book.

The book was called "The Front Desk".

We are in for a wild ride tonight!

The Front Desk is a Jfic novel by Kelly Yang about an immigrant kid who lives in a motel with her parents. When her parents clean the motel rooms she handles the front desk.

I actually read this book a year or two ago! 

I don't remember much of it. 

So why, you might wonder, am I telling you all about it?

I'm biding our time while I wait for one of those "wild ride" things to happen.



Would you like to hear about the weather while we wait?

Here are some random, boring shots of my point of view at the front desk. I just took these photos of a couple generic library patrons, with my phone, from the front desk, while I waited for something interesting to happen. On the computer you can actually see me working on this blog post! The second picture even shows the "So. Would you like to hear about the weather?" part!

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