Saturday, December 16, 2023

Spirit animal updates


It is possible that everyone was a bit overwhelmed yesterday by my 600 page, wild ride of a review of the movie Wonka, which is a movie I haven't actually seen yet.

So today we'll keep it a little calmer and catch you up on my library workers' spirit animal portraits progress.

Today I worked through some bread and butter pictures for this project. There were no experiments in new techniques, no challenging animals, just a straightforward run of work through three people I work with, more or less. These are two volunteers and a person who does custodial work. They chose the animals of "Big Cats", "Panda", and "Fox". 

As I have developed some systems for this project I am, at this point, usually aiming to have at least one picture that's a bit more naturalistic and takes place strictly in our library, and one picture that is a bit more fantastical. Though having one successful picture is also enough it that's how it works out. Usually, as you will see, I have three or four or five! 

Ultimately, with only a vague sense of what the end presentation of this project is, I think each person would come down to being represented by just one picture.

Natalie's Fox:

Bella's Big Cat:

Bernida's Panda Bear:


  1. I like this series of pictures a LOT Have you thought of making a calendar? It would be a great fundraiser for the Friends. Though I guess that there might be issues of permissions and how you could be paid for your time. But if you did, I'd be first on the list to buy one.

    1. I'm so glad you like them,

      I think the hardest part will be what to do with them. Maybe that problem will just go away if I can put it off by simply keep finding more people to do spirit animal portraits of forever.

      I will put you down for a calendar speculatively. I need not be paid for my time, though, as I now consider a gift to the Universe.


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