Thursday, May 23, 2024



It is a perhaps not so ancient truism that you can't always get what you want.

There is even a song about it.

But sometimes you do get exactly what you want.

This happened to me!

There are also a few ancient truisms about the dangers of getting what you want.

But sometimes, by some strange miracle, the world is perfect, and what you wanted, is everything you need.

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  1. Nick Cave once said one of the worst things heroin did to him was make him appreciate Charles Bukowski. He has since strongly changed his mind.
    In his song “We Call Upon the Author to Explain,” Cave sings, “Bukowski was a jerk/Berryman was best” (referring to poet John Berryman), and he expanded upon his feelings in a response to a question from a fan on his blog The Red Hand Files:
    “I don’t have a particular problem with Charles Bukowski, other than I think his poetry sucks. He once said, poetry was ‘like taking a shit, you smell it and then flush it away … writing is all about leaving behind as much a stink as possible’, which is all very well, except I think he was applying this to all poetry when he should have been applying it to his own poetry exclusively. His poems are indeed do-do — silly shit — and cloyingly sentimental about his own place in a world he held in absolute contempt. His is a particular view of humanity as abjection which I find difficult to stomach, especially in poetry, beautiful poetry, lover of life and the world that I am.”


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