Sunday, June 2, 2024

Comedy of excruciating errors


Towards the end of a lovely at home vacation, I went to sleep in the evening. I awoke to a violent foot cramp. I get these occasionally and they are horrible. I sprang out of bed and put my weight on my foot which helps straighten the contorting muscles. I put on slippers which can also help. Walking about the apartment the extreme pain subsided but was so strong it left me nauseous. I went into the bathroom and the nauseousness blossomed into a dizziness and, almost like passing out, I collapsed to the floor against the side of the bathtub, catching the corner of it with my ribs.

Stunned, but weirdly exhausted, I kind of wanted to go to sleep again right there against the tub.

But eventually I got up, bruised, and went to bed. Then my ribs started hurting more and more until I couldn't really move from a barely tolerable position lying on my back. Around seven in the morning everything was too uncomfortable and I hoisted myself up. I thought about all the simple things I wish I had done now that I know everything is going to be hard and deeply painful to do for several days.

I sat down amid a bevy of screaming twinges in the whole area of my left ribs. My back is tight everywhere. It is hard to take a breath. I opened my computer. I typed this.

I can still blog!

Though I'm not sure it's as funny as usual.

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