Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun blog rules you don't have to worry about

Here are my rules for me and my blog. You don't have any rules. Lucky you! Enjoy your mad, anarchic surfing! This blog is about clerking, so mainly I'll post in regards to (me) clerking. But it's about clerking at a Library, so a bit about books is fair game as I am in the line of fire vis-a-vis the publishing/entertainment/information industry. Plus I read, a lot, and not least while working, which is one of those odd things that's fairly illicit at my job and yet makes me much better at my job too. Also, because I clerk at a Library talking about Libraries is fair game too. Thirdly, because it is more interesting, challenging and daredevil like to try to tell the truth, I will, but because institutions, even half-decent ones, have a reaction to truth that runs on a continuum from squeamish to psychotically violent I will be covering over names and identities with a thin veneer of anonymity. Finally, I will endeavor not to write too too many posts like this one where I talk about what I'm talking about.

Now I think I'll go wander the internet alerting it to my blog because it doesn't know about it yet, and it wants to.

1 comment:

  1. I FINALLY found the library clerk blog of my dreams! Well played Mr. Calypso, but why no Portal 2 references yet?


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