Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Live Blogging from Genre Fiction at the Library (see sidebar)

Live blogging from Genre Fiction commences:

11:35: I have 25 minutes to shelve in Genre Fiction before I need to be at the front desk. I have brought up a not totally full cart of books so that I can have a few extra moments to Live Blog!

11:36: I run into a very talky longtime volunteer I have not seen in awhile. I am very talky too! It is now

11:47: and I have to speed shelve to get my cart all shelved by noon! More exciting Live Blogging later!

Live blogging from Genre Fiction resumes:

2:09: I am back to shelving in Genre Fiction (Large Type, Mystery, Romance, SF, Graphics, and Westerns) after 2 hours at the service desk.

2:12: I am wondering about my plan to Live Blog from the genre shelves as practically nothing ever happens here.

2:14: I am in Large Type. For some reason we have 7 Large Type copies of "A Tale of Two Cities." I am thinking we might have more Large Type copies of "A Tale of Two Cities" than any other Library in the country! Curiously we have no Large Type copies of any other work by Charles Dickens.

2:17: I am thinking I'll crank out a spot of shelving. I will let you know if anything as interesting as the "A Tale of Two Cities" goldmine comes up.

2:29: A woman with a cane keeps getting in my way while I'm trying to shelve. Maybe she thinks I am replenishing the shelves with super high quality books. I'm not. I'm not sure if this is as interesting as the "A Tale of Two Cities" thing, but I am feeling a lot of pressure to update you.

2:35: In Mystery Fiction I am having a negative reaction to the plethora of hobby and craft themed mysteries with pun titles ("Sticks and Scones", "Latte Trouble") even though they've never done anything to me. It may be an early warning sign that I need a break.

2:40: The droning voice of one of our Librarians in the far distance is driving me mad. So is the guy coughing. I am clearly having my afternoon meltdown. I will speed shelve to break.

End of live blogging from Genre.

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