Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Bloggers Manifesto

It has been only a couple of months since I began my (largely unstated) quest to become the greatest blog on the internet. I have been hardworking and occasionally obsessive. I have posted at least once every single day. I have burned through years worth of meticulous essays on the art (circus? theater? banality?) of clerking. I have been (fairly) careful, and (pretty) structured in my approach. I have even marketed my blog, erratically. And now I come to this place.

What is this place? Not to get all personally revealing here, er, not to get a bunch more personally revealing here, I'll just say, in the normal scheme of things, this isn't the place where I'd exactly give up, but it's the place where I'd start to give up. But in thinking about this giving up some part of me is understanding there isn't really anything to give up on. I just sort of like this. I like cracking the code of my work life. I like thinking a lot about how these mundane days work and figuring out how to say it. I like making my work day more conscious and concentrated, and my breaks and lunch into frantic episodes of eating and typing and writing. I like hurling it all into the world, testifying to and expressing things on multiple levels. And you're welcome to it if you want it.

So instead of fading away, I think I'll become slightly broader and less measured here. I'll have less scheduled, morning posts and now just posts. If they come in clumps so be it. Short, long, loose, tight, pictures, anecdotes, trifles, irrelevancies, scrupulous analysis and oddball homemade TV shows. I'll be posting them and re posting them. I'm sure you'll sort it out. And so will I.

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