Friday, April 5, 2013

Clerking at Large!

Having a few days off in a row, which happens every couple of weeks for me, has caused me a bit of blogger's worry: how will I keep the entertaining flow of blog features coming out steadily to you, you who deserve so thoroughly to be entertained and informed. What can I do if I can't keep the sidebar updated on what free food there is in the breakroom and if I don't know if the guy who is always there in the periodicals section is there (he is, unless he is a figment of my imagination). There is a Library video I am working on that I am keen to link to for you, but we are waiting on our musical score to complete it. It is the one I mentioned in an earlier post- the talk show with my Lyndon B. Johnson like co-worker. Since my film making skills are, well, unsteady,  I am counting on the musical score to bring it all together! I proposed to the composer, who is a friend and co-worker (I know, weird!) that he relay information as to what free food there is in the breakroom so I can keep my site updated, but then had to say I was kidding because I think you can recognize that is slightly insane. Although my secret ideal is to have teams of agents streaming reports in on the most mundane and odd aspects of where I work I am guessing it is for the best that  this is not going to be happening.

Anyway, so, what clerking thing to post when I am not working? And an answer has come to me today. I am going shopping, at a quite large mall, and other places too, and guess what? There are tons of clerks there! And I am bringing my little notebook! I will take notes on the clerks I encounter and be back later! Wait right here!

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