Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Bookmark From the Library

This bookmark was sitting, mysteriously abandoned, on a table in the back workroom, and I just love it. It's from the Minnesota Historical Society. It's a picture of a jar of sand. In the middle is a sand rendition of Minnehaha Falls that's nicer than most oil paintings I've seen of the falls. We get a lot of bookmarks at the library, lost and found, and like most lost and found items they never get claimed. I have several bookmarks at home, but I'm not so good at using them and end up going with a stray scrap of paper, or other methods I dare not mention. I should try to use some of my nice bookmarks, but I think I'm afraid I'd lose them. I'm sure I would, but maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Maybe the secret is that bookmarks are made to be lost. And found.

 Some of my bookmarks:


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