Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not so funny and only barely interesting anecdote that I tell you at risk of being mushy

So I am shelving some large type Romances and an octogenarian down the aisle from me is perusing our very thin collection of Western large type books. I get this feeling he doesn't know about our regular size print, somewhat thicker collection of Westerns. I don't believe in totally unsolicited intrusions, but we catch each others' eye and say "Hey."  This seems to be a bit of an opening.

"Do you only want large type?" I ask "Do you know we have a section of regular Westerns?"

He visibly perks up at this. No, he didn't know about the other section. I offer to show him and he invites me to lead him there.

I have already registered that this man, while seeming well enough, needs to walk very, very slowly. So, in leading him to our richly arrayed row of Westerns I walk as slow as I can possibly walk, which to me is more like standing and moving a bit, but I soon see I am leaving him behind so I slow down. He apologizes for needing to go so slow. I say I really don't mind, that they pay me hourly and so I am making more money this way. He expresses that he can see the truth of that. We arrive at our destination and he is happy with the wall of Westerns. I return to my shelving.

I really truly 96% don't mean for this to be any kind of self-aggrandizing. I just wanted to tell you that this little kind of thing is my very favorite part of my job. I don't know exactly how to say what this "kind of thing" is, except it's this. And it makes me happy. I don't know, maybe only for 5 or 10, or 30 seconds, but it makes me happy.

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