Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reviews Mania!

At our sort of recent staff day (see post here) we talked about User Experience, which is about trying to look at our library from an outsider or user perspective to see how things work and to find tools and ideas for how to make things work better. To my delight, and, just a little bit, surprise, we are being given an opportunity to follow up on this. If we can arrange it, we can go, during work hours, to some other library system branch and look at it from this user experience perspective. We can maybe get some ideas from how they do things. We can also, if we are world renowned library clerk bloggers, review these libraries for the edification of the entire world. They didn't say that last part, but it was strongly implied. I earlier reviewed the St. Anthony Park Library (Here, it didn't do so hot) and I liked doing that, so I have arranged, while the library is closed to the public for furniture cleaning, to go with Dave (whose name I have not bothered to change because what's the point and I won't say anything bad about him anyway) to 3 Hennepin County Libraries, which I will be reviewing here, in this very blog. So look for my assorted reviews in the week or so to come. I'm also quite enthusiastic about trying out Chimborazo for lunch. It's an Ecuadorian restaurant that sounds good. I can review that too if you want. Let me know in the comments below. I can also review Dave's driving (I have never even seen him not at the library, let alone driven with him), the Minneapolis Northeast neighborhoods, and the quality of our furniture cleaning. I'm here for you. Tell me what you want.


  1. What kind of library do you work at? 3 seems awfully excessive. But fun! Not sure about the Dave character though.

    1. Oh, I expect to be overtaxed, very overtaxed and maybe a little weepy at the end.
      Really? do you know something about this Dave character? He seems very nice, but I've only met him a few hundred times.
      It's just your regular everyday socialist library, lots of glass, books sort of hidden away so you have to really want them...

  2. Sounds fun. I really want to hear about your lunch. I was just a regular patron with my son the other day at the Hayden Heights library. I got my card registered w/o any problems. We went there because we were at House of Clocks across the street, ever been there? Very cool. House of Clocks that is, not the library.

  3. Okay, then, I will talk about lunch! People need only ask! It comes between the second and third library, so, soon, but, huge preview spoiler alert, it was good.

    I've never been to House of Clocks and occasionally seize with horror at the relentless passage of time, so a whole store devoted to charting it may be emotionally too much for me. But if I'm feeling emotionally strong some time... Never been to the Hayden Hts branch either, am glad they registered you. Was it a nice place? I think any clerk will register if they can't get out of it, so that's why I like the tests that leave them some wiggle room.


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